About Us

Our Vision

The vision of Fara Limite is simple: we want to see kids growing into their potential, advancing life skills and developing character in the context of safe and healthy educational activities. 


This project creates an environment where kids can learn new skills, set goals, and spend time with positive role models and leaders. Climbing is an activity that develops character, leadership, and trust, all of which are generally lacking in post-communist communities. We envision our climbing gym as a space where any child from any background can come and join us in climbing to new life.


Our Values

Glorifying God in everything we do

Glorificarea lui Dumnezeu in tot ce facem

Creating a safe and fun space

Realizarea unui spatiu sigur si distractiv

Developing relationships

Dezvoltarea relatiilor

Expanding worldview and awareness

Largirea constientiarii si perspectivei asupra lumii

Championing education

Importanta educatiei

Providing access and equality

Accesibilitate si egalitate

Maintaining safety and excellence

Siguranta si excelenta

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