A Competition in Bucharest

A few weekends ago, we piled into our van and drove to Bucharest to take part in a bouldering competition. This competition was an opening celebration for the new gym BLOKX, which was created by one of our friends from the climbing community here in Romania. He was one of the people who helped build our gym, and he has helped us immensely over the past years. We were happy to be able to go and support his beautiful new gym.

We had 8 kids competing--Comi, David, Ema, Estera, Dennis, Maria, Dreu, and Pilu. One of our former teens, Remus, who is now working in Arad but still passionate about climbing, was there to compete as well. In fact, the owner of this gym had hired Remus for the week leading up to the competition to help with preparations. The owner said that Remus was a hard worker and a great help, and Remus said he had really enjoyed the job.

With 80 new routes to climb and 8 hours to climb as many as possible, our kids went crazy. They climbed route after route, hour after hour, and by the end their fingers were swollen and blistered. Their hard work paid off on the podium. Fara Limite swept the men’s category of most routes climbed: Felipe got first, Remus second, and David third. Dreu got second in the junior category of most routes climbed, and third in the category of hardest routes climbed. The announcers laughed about how our team climbs nonstop, and we joked that we are truly “fara limite” (without limits).

So many people told us how glad they were that our kids were there, and that it was so fun to watch and climb with them. We are so proud of the behavior and attitude of our kids. Their maturity and enthusiasm is noticed and appreciated not only by us, but by the whole climbing community.

When we left to drive back to the Jiu Valley on Sunday, two of our boys, Comi and David (see photo below), stayed behind at BLOKX. They had been invited to stay for a week to train and to do some work for the gym. They were able to do this for their “scoala altfel,” a week of alternative school that allows students to experience different modes of education.

Competitions are an important part of our work at Fara Limite. Our climbers are able to travel around the country, to expand their horizons, and to see their dedication and hard work pay off. They forge relationships and connections in the climbing community, and they take advantages of opportunities for new growth and experience.

Recently, we have started a campaign where, for the first week of every month we reach out to the Romanian climbing community to raise the money we will need for that month's competitions. For every competition we go to, we must pay for registration, transportation, food, and lodging for our climbers. October was our first month of this campaign, and in 7 days we raised over 800 euros from the Romanian community, enabling us to attend this competition at BLOKX as well as two others in Cluj.

We are so grateful for everyone who supports our Fara Limite team, and we are proud to have our competitions sponsored by fellow Romanians!

We are currently raising funds for the month of November. For more information see our giving page.

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