An International Competition in Bucharest

A few weekends ago we traveled to Bucharest for a competition at Carpatic Sala de Bouldering si Escalada. This competition was actually three in one: the Carpatic International Trophy, the Balkan Bouldering Championship, and the third stage of the Romanian Bouldering Cup. It was a two day competition, spanning all day Saturday as well as Sunday morning, and there were participants from Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, and Romania.

We took one van of climbers--Ema, Estera, Denis, Maria, Dreiu, Pilu, and Gabi. They all had really great days and climbed strongly. They all bouldered at different times throughout the day, competing against others in their age category. The routes were difficult but beautifully set.

In the afternoon, our youngest climbers, Pilu, Estera, and Dreiu, also had to climb two top rope routes each. Pilu topped both of his routes, securing his first place victory in his age category.

Estera and Dreiu had to lead climb, meaning they climbed with the rope attached only to them and had to clip it into the wall on the way up. This can be a challenge for our kids since they rarely get to practice this skill--our gym isn't tall enough for top roping or lead climbing. Even so, they did beautifully, both topping the first route, and then reaching halfway up the second, more difficult route.

We were thrilled to find out that Ema had made it into finals for his age for the first time, and so he competed again Sunday morning. After cheering him on, watching all of the other finals, and ordering pizza for lunch, we had the awards ceremony.

For the Carpatic International Trophy, Pilu got 1st, Dreiu got 3rd, and Estera got 3rd.

For the Balkanic Bouldering Championship, Pilu got 1st, Dreiu got 2nd, Estera got 2nd, Denis got 7th, Gabi got 8th, Maria got 7th, and Ema got 6th.

For the 3rd stage of the Cupa Romaniei, Pilu got 1st, Dreiu got 2nd, Estera got 2nd, Denis got 3rd, Gabi got 4th, Maria got 3rd, and Ema got 4th.

We are so proud of all of our climbers! It was a very successful and fun weekend. Our next competition will be the last stage of the Cupa Romaniei on May 11th in Cluj. Thank you to everyone who supports our team in any way. We are grateful for you!

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