Christmastime at Fara Limite

The halls are decked, the tree is decorated, and it’s looking a lot like Christmas in our gym!

A little while ago, one of our friends from Lupeni, a high-schooler with a heart for service named Miriam, came to us with the idea of helping the kids decorate the gym for Christmas. She volunteered to lead it all. She found lots of different holiday crafts the kids could do and figured out all of the supplies we would need to do them.

Then, a few Saturdays ago, she came to lead our party!

Because our Saturdays always begin with a reading hour at noon, Miriam began by reading a Christmas story to the kids in which the birds spread the good news of Jesus’ birth and sing peace on Earth. After the story, she had the kids go around and spread peace to each other. It was a sweet sight, watching everyone go around shaking hands, saying “pace” (peace), or “pace pe pamant” (peace on earth) to each other.

Then we started the projects. The kids were divided into four different craft groups, and Miriam went around to each explaining what they would be doing with the craft paper, the scissors, the glue sticks, the crepe paper, and the strings. Then they all got to work.

We were gifted a Christmas tree from some friends who were moving back to the States, so some of our kids set about putting it together and covering it with lights, ornaments, and a golden star on top. We draped twinkle lights over the door as well, and our gym immediately became a little cozier.

The kids folded and cut and taped and pasted and drew. Then they started putting the decorations in their places—over doorways, in the windows, on the ceilings of our low hallway leading to the bathrooms, on the railings of our loft space, and on the high ceilings of the gym. This was an easy task for our kids and teens who are used to climbing to high places.

Once the gym was fully decorated, Miriam led our kids in a few Christmas carols, playing the guitar for them and singing. We are so grateful for Miriam's heart to come and lead this very fun day at the gym.

We want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We are thankful for you and your presence in our project. This will be our last blog post until after the holidays, so we will see you again in 2019! May God bless you richly this holiday season!

Pace pe Pamant,

The Fara Limite family

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