Our Programs

Indoor Climbing

Youth come daily to three different ninety-minute shifts depending on their age and school hours. They may participate in free climbing time, scheduled trainings, and/or free time reading books in our loft.

Reading Hour

Part of the gym agreement includes attending our weekly reading hour every Saturday.  At noon we meet in the gym and read a children’s book out loud to the kids, and then we debrief about the lessons learned from the story.

Outdoor Climbing

In the summer, when the weather cooperates, we take kids and teens to the rock once or twice a week to climb outdoors. Our team also works on developing outdoor crags, and we involve our climbers in this process when possible.


We have taken groups of youth to competitions all across Romania. These competitions allow them to see more of their country, meet other climbers, and forge connections with the broader climbing community. Many of the youth have placed in these competitions. We also host at least one climbing competition in our gym every year.

Climbing Camp

In the summer, we take the kids and teens on a multi-day climbing camp near Retezat National Park. We camp out together, play lots of fun games, go on hikes, and spend lots of time climbing. We also spend time in daily devotionals focused on that year's theme. 


the Team

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