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Make a difference in the life of a young climber today!



Professional climbers have sponsors that support them so they can have the tools they need to focus on excelling in their sport. Our climbers are excelling, and they are looking to be sponsored, too. 

For only $20 a month, you can make sure that our climbers are able to continue taking part in our programs focused on physical, spiritual, and personal growth.


We currently have around 50 children and teens with memberships at our gym. Gym members are able to take advantage of our facilities and programs. They are able to learn about and train in the sport of climbing, engage with positive role models, use our expanding library of children’s books, and connect with a vibrant and encouraging community.


In return, they are expected to stay in school with passing grades, attend our weekly reading hour, and commit to climbing at the gym at least twice a week (though many will climb every day that they can).

We do not make any of our climbers pay for their gym membership, nor do we make them wait until they have a sponsor to become a part of our program. This means that we rely on YOUR generous support to keep our gym running for these kids!


Your $20 a month commitment covers:


  • General upkeep of the gym (electricity, heating, running water, cleaning)

  • Special programming costs (weekly programs, summer camps, special events, excursions, etc.)

  • Improving the gym (buying new holds, equipment, books, fixtures, paint, etc.)

  • The salary of a Romanian employee

When you sign up to be a sponsor, we will send you a postcard with a photo of your climber, and some information that helps you get to know him or her a bit. You can put this on your refrigerator or somewhere where you can remember to think about and pray for your child. This postcard will be updated yearly. 


You will also receive monthly email updates about our gym. These will include stories, photos, prayer requests and praises, as well as any ministry announcements we have to make. A few times a year, this email will also include a story about or some photos of your specific climber so that you can stay updated with their progress.

You will be free to communicate with your climber by writing letters or emails if you wish to. However, this is not an obligation and you should not feel pressure to do so. In fairness to all of the children we serve, we cannot receive special gifts for only one child.

Our current goal is to get all 25 of the following climbers sponsored for the new year. We have included here the children and teens that have been with us for quite some time now, and who show no signs of leaving us anytime soon. However, please note that we do have occasional turnover in our gym, even amongst our most dedicated climbers. Sometimes, for one reason or another, a child drops his or her membership. We will inform you if your child has stopped attending our programs as soon as we can, and will let you decide how you wish to proceed. Thank you for your understanding.

We hope that you will maintain your sponsorship for the full year or longer, but please know that you are able to cancel your sponsorship at any time by contacting tboven@rca.org. (Note, we are not able to reimburse donations once they have been debited from your credit card.)


Note: sponsorships cannot be made on our mobile site. Please visit our desktop site to proceed.

1. Choose your climber and click on the "SPONSOR ME" link.

2. Write at least $20 in the donation line and select the monthly donation option.

3. Complete the transaction as normal.

4. PLEASE send us a message right here with the name and age of the child you wish to sponsor. If you want us to randomly choose a climber to pair you with, you may indicate this. Once we receive your message and confirm your donation, we will send you information about your climber! 

Can’t commit to $20 a month? No worries!

Become a general sponsor. If you commit to a monthly donation of ANY amount, we will include you in receiving our monthly gym updates. Your gifts are just as vital to us.

THANK YOU for supporting our climbers and ensuring the future of Fara Limite! We are thankful.

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